What We Provide:

Utilising leading edge technology and skilled people, RTC deliver a range of value added services to our Public Housing, Community Housing, Health Services and Commercial sector clients across our network of locations.

Facilities Maintenance

We have the expertise to provide facilities maintenance services incorporating Programmed Works, Responsive & Urgent Works, and Vacancy Management. These services incorporate all aspects of the maintenance cycle and are consistently delivered through our proven quality, environmental and safety management plans.

Capital Works Projects

Supplementing our facilities maintenance works, RTC also provide clients with an expertise in capital works programs, enabling clients to complete programs that do not fit within the general scope of facilities maintenance. These services include rebuilds, kitchen and roof upgrades, fire safety and civil works.

Property Assessment Surveys

Property assessment surveys are used to establish the condition of properties and compliance with current property standards.  The information collected is then used to establish immediate and future expenditure requirements.  Utilising our experienced team, RTC is able to provide detailed property scoping as part of our day to day business practices or as an additional service utilising specifically developed custom software for on-site completion. Give us a call today!